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Great service Ron is on his game. 
Thank you!!! Shop here for all your tire needs!!!! Prices are great

-6/12/2013 – Lowell H. – Yorkville, IL

I swear I have moved into the city and don't live out in BFE, but I just recently moved out and my parents live out in the 847 and dude...stuff is really cheap out there!  And let me say, that after having lived LA for the past several years of my life, I'm sick....sick and tired of being taken advantage of at all the smarmy and questionable repair/oil change establishments.  So, it's kind of nice to be back in the Midwest where HONEST service with a smile is all that matters.  

As you turn off onto an apocalyptic curvy random industrial road, you feel as if you've just entered a scene from "Maximum Overdrive" and a trunkless semi may come after you on the desolate roads.  RAM is situated off of the main drag; it's a little difficult to find, but trust me, its well worth the hunt.  There is a small sign about a foot by a foot stuck in the grass that will lead you there.  Good luck.  

That's the hardest part.  Once you enter, the desk person (I think her name is Laurie) is friendly and chatty.  I had not called in (it is suggested that you do so) but they were able to get me right in that day.  Since I had driven all the way from LA, I was overdue for an oil change and a tire rotation.  Now here is the best part, I figured that I would need an air filter change as well (seeing as how every asswipe at Jiffy Lube in LA always told me that I needed it changed even before they opened the hood and looked at it).  I asked Ron (the owner) to take a look and he shouts back, "No, doesn't look like it needs to be changed yet.  Maybe next time."  Excuse me...what?  I don't need an added service even when I was the one who brought it up?  I was incredulous.  My mouth was left agape.  Someone who repairs cars and does oil changes AND is HONEST?  I was so excited that I almost hugged ol' Ron (and I DON'T even hug my sister).  

Wait!  Wait!  Maybe THIS is the best part.  It was so freakin' cheap!  The oil change itself was about $15 cheaper than I'm used to paying in LA.  So, if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods and your car needs an oil change or a repair, check this place out...if you can find it.

-6/27/2007 – Liz X. – Chicago, IL

I have taken several of my cars to Ram Automotive and have been extremely satisfied with the results.  Like other reviewers say, Ron does not try to sell you additional services or products you don't need.  I had an electrical problem and they originally quoted me a cost to replace the whole cable system but after getting a better look were able to repair the cable at a fraction of the cost.  If they do find additional things that need repair they provide a fair estimate and let me know if it is something that can wait or if it should be replaced as soon as possible. I have never felt any pressure or scare tactics to have something repaired.  They do truly believe in customer satisfaction and want to retain their customers through excellent customer service and pricing. I highly recommend their services!!

-7/2/2012 – Dennis J. – Elgin, IL

I gotta disagree with George. I don't know what experience he's had at Ram or if he just generally dislikes the owners. I don't know them well, but they have always been authentically kind to me and have been very understanding! When I needed new tires and brakes on my Silverado, they were very helpful in finding ways to reduce the cost wherever possible. Truck repairs are expensive, and they were knowledgeable enough to find some less expensive parts for me. And after a few months, it seems the quality of the job they did was pretty superior! When my Grand Marquee came up with a Check Engine light they stayed around a few extra minutes after five to run the code and see what was wrong. They gave me an honest timeline to let me know how urgent the problem was, and I appreciated the honesty. They certainly had an opportunity to screw me by telling me the repairs were URGENT, and instead they were upfront and honest with me. So the business is theirs, based on the timeline they gave me. While I haven't had the luxury of sending a major repair to them yet, I have had enough experience to say that they are genuinely good people who approach their business with honesty and who work very hard. And since cars are pretty much a huge mystery to me, that's exactly the kind of guy I want working under my hood.

-6/29/2009 – Michael C. – Illinois

Great service! Highly recommend these guys. My neighbor uses them too.

-5/22/2010 – Troy S. – Lake in the Hills, IL

Honest, Fair, and quick. Nothing more needs to be said.

-11/22/2011 – Ronald R. – Cary, IL

I'm a former ASE certified mechanic that moved into an engineering occupation. Having first-hand knowledge of the potential ugly side of the auto-repair world, I looked long and hard for a quality shop in the Lake in the Hills/Crystal Lake/Algonquin area to do the work that I'm either unable or unwilling to do in my own garage. The couple that runs RAM Auto are cool cats. She knows her stuff as a service writer, and he's a good and honest mechanic. I trust him.....and that's not easy for me. I refer a lot of local people to this shop as a result. I'll keep coming back to this shop until one or the other of us are laid to rest.

-Nick T. – 4 months ago

The R.A.M. Auto team always delivers! Ron and his crew have helped keep our van running great for 12 years. Ron and Laurie take great pride in providing quality service and making their customers feel comfortable. Doughnut Friday is also much appreciated.

-Jordan M – 5 months ago

Disappointed that my car needs tires every 45k miles, but I will, every time, come back to these guys. Nice, knowledgeable, honest and reasonable. Nice and educated too, as my wife had no concerns or regrets waiting in their clean waiting area, unlike any other shop around with people smoking, grease stained floors, filthy bathrooms, this place is clean and nice. It took exactly the time they said it would take. Thank you much for the outstanding service.

-A Google User – about 1 year ago

I have been fixing my own cars for many decades since I can pretty much do it all myself to save money including all major mechanical work. Now that I can afford to have someone else work on my cars, I have been relying on a mechanic for the more difficult repairs. Until recently I have been happy with another mechanic, but he has let me down too many times, which brought me to seek out RAM AUTO. Within 2 minutes of meeting Ron and having him explain to me his theory about my most recent issue with my Old Intrigue, I knew he was someone I could trust. He not only repaired numerous issues, but he did it quickly and at reasonable enough pricing that it was not even worth it for me to consider doing the work myself. Thanks Ron and Laurie for being so pleasant to work with.

-A Google User – about 2 years ago

I could write a long winded story praising RAM AUTO from the mountain tops, but I am going to be short and sweet. RON AND LAURIE ARE AWESOME AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RAM AUTO TO ANYONE their motto is: "We keep our friends moving" and they certainly do. Being only 30 I’ve had almost 15 cars most that were pieces of junk, so I’ve had my fair share of experience w/ mechanics. I will never go anywhere else, and I felt guilty the one time I had to get an oil change elsewhere out of scheduling conflicts on my part. VIVA LA RAM AUTO!

-A Google User – about 2 years ago

Yesterday my check engine light started flashing. I called Ron and Laurie in a panic and they told me to bring it right over. After determining that it wasn't safe to drive until they can fix it on Monday, they offered me a loaner car to use for the weekend. How cool is that?

-Donna Plunkett

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